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bpa free water bottle

my bpa free water bottle holds approximately 32oz (1000ml) liquid. it is nalgene brand, "made in the USA", eggplant purple, with a now (due to aging and discoloration) off-white, large, grooved cap, attached by an also off-white plastic strap of sorts. inside of it, at all times, is a mcdonalds plastic straw, white, with one red stripe and one yellow. there seems to be, at any given moment, at least .01oz liquid (primarily water) inside the bottle, regardless of when it was most recently used

i try to the consume the entire contents of my bpa free water bottle at least twice a day, but often fail. i sometimes fail due to laziness, not wanting to exert the effort required to retrieve the bottle from my backpack. sometimes i fail because after retrieving the bottle i realize that i did not fill it previously, and therefore cannot consume the liquid i had expected to find inside of it. other times i fail because i forgot the bottle at home, or cannot in the location that i am in, find a place to fill it

i use a straw in my water bottle because i often wear lipstick, and dislike when, due to straight from the bottle liquid consumption, lipstick gets on my chin, the rim of the bottle, or otherwise. the straw allows me to consume the liquid inside the bpa free water bottle with little to no lipstick fallout. i also use a straw because i find that the rim of the bottle is extremely, almost comically large, and i often spill on myself while trying to consume the liquid. i have been using the same straw for 5 months, 1 week, 2 days

the bpa free water bottle is, by nature, unfashionable. i care about seeming 'put together' most of the time, so i try to hide or 'place' it in inconspicuous locations such as my backpack, a plastic bag, or, if need be, attached to my purse. if i am placing the bottle in a portable container of some kind, i will usually chug the liquid to reduce it's weight and, as a result, the strain on my back etc

things that have (accidentally or otherwise) been inside my bpa free water bottle:
-green tea
-sd card
-iced coffee
-mcdonalds french fry
-bobby pin
-green juice


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