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i frequently hear people say that the 'healthiest' relationship is one where you can completely be yourself. i don't really believe this because it seems insane to brand someone with any other label  than 'themselves'. regardless of who/what you are trying to emulate, in doing so you are still operating as 'yourself'. the changes one makes to their life only contributes to creating what the world perceives as 'you'

i feel like instead of finding someone you can be 'yourself' with, the optimal outcome of 'falling in love'/dating seems to be finding someone with which to do things that you would otherwise do alone

eg: binging on nextflix for hours, showering, having an orgasm, sleeping, frequently touching

or more abstract things that could be done with non-significant others (lol) but are often done alone

eg: growing, decision-making, raising a child, drugs, dying

but it seems like those in long term relationships are frequently content spending time with exclusively each-other which retrospectively sounds insane, but is what ~90% of my own long-term relationships have resulted in

it would be great if everybody started touching each other all the time probably

maybe everybody would be happier



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