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the globe and mail published an article saying the students at my school are more depressed/anxious statistically than at other schools

apparently more people have contemplated suicide at my school than other schools

i am not surprised by this fact, but i am not sure how i feel about it

it makes me sad to think that there are people who will never form close friendships

when i wake up i usually think it is much later/earlier than it is

i probably smoke too much pot

i think i accidentally hit on someone last night. we met at my friends house, and i immediately noticed that she looked like katie chang from 'the bling ring'. i didn't point this out until ~20 minutes after i had already begun drinking, and when i said something she looked at me like i was drunk. i tried to find a photo of katie chang on the internet but it took a long time because i couldn't remember her name.

after about 5 minutes of searching i found a photo, held my phone up to her face and said 'this. this is her. do you see it?'. she said 'oh. i don't know, sort of i guess.'

i wish everybody was naked all the time

not like on a nudist colony, just any time spent indoors or if it's nice outside would be spent naked.

i would sleep in a coffin if one was readily available

tonight i went to see 'gravity' starring sandra bullock with clara. we got coffee from mcdonalds and then  smoked pot out of a pipe outside the theatre. while we were smoking a security guard came up to us, said 'excuse me' and then walked past us, scanned a barcode on the concrete wall next to us and then walked away. i immediately thought 'phew, that was a close one.' but didn't say anything. i cried multiple times during 'gravity', and kept thinking 'pussy! pussy! you're a pussy!'


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