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my moms' cat vomited on the carpet and immediately started eating the vomit

it ate all of the vomit, moved ~3 feet down the hallway and vomited again

this time it isn't eating the vomit

it moved into the study, threw up again, and left

i like the feeling of existing in the social networking atmosphere

right now i feel like sobbing

mostly because of how much love i feel for my friends

i feel like an asshole saying that

i feel like someone that people feel sad looking at

but i am looking at pictures of my friends and i miss them

i hate living in this city and i wish i were somewhere else

the vending machine in the basement of my apartment was re stocked tonight

i am furious and ecstatic

i just realized that i have had 2 solely sexual relationships with curly-haired men of average to low intelligence that play the saxophone


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