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i constantly tell myself i have 'serious problems' with my jaw

i can only open it about 1/2 way i think

sometimes a little more if i move it around with my hands

it hurts most of the time

it is sometimes difficult to eat because of this

i feel like i sound elderly

~90% of the work i do for school, professional, or otherwise is done in a last minute panic

sometimes i feel genuine amazement that people think my work is 'good' or 'interesting'

i am in a gmail relationship with someone i met on okcupid

he started talking to me because we like the same authors, and he liked my photos

we've exchanged ~23 emails so far which vary in topic

we are meeting up next weekend to do mdma and go to the aquarium

every time i see an upright beer bottle on the street i assume it is full of pee

halloween was boring and depressing

i went to 2 parties, both of them felt like they were 'high school' parties and i contemplated suicide

i want to crawl inside of myself and live there for ~120 years

i want to grow my fingernails and sharpen them into knives


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