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what did we do before internet and tv

what did we do before cars and airplanes

i can't fall asleep

i feel like i'm dying

i know i'm not actually dying but it definitely feels like i am at this moment

my chest hurts

that might be because i ate all the salt at the bottom of a bag of pretzels

i am often conflicted re feeling like a hypochondriac and fear of feeling like a hypochondriac when i'm actually experiencing some detrimental health 'episode'

i had an 'episode' on the subway 2 weeks ago

i was very stoned and coming home on the subway after finding out my friend mandalyn missed her train home and went to my apartment. i was standing and holding on to the metal bar when my left arm started hurting. i brushed it off as 'misplaced sensory input' but it didn't go away. it spread to my left arm and my chest, and i felt like i was going to pass out.

i think the scariest part of this story is that when i called out for someone to press the yellow 'emergency' button, it took about ~7 tries before anyone responded to me


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