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sometimes on my walk home i blur my eyes

i feel like this makes things look more appealing somehow

it's a ~7 minute walk but it feels shorter if i do the eye thing

i feel like everyone i know is depressed, but only some of them are aware of it or are ok with talking about it

today i met with my friend clara at a 'warehouse sale' hosted by american apparel. i got there before her so i walked around and looked at things. all of the clothes seemed cheaply made and i kept thinking 'slave labor' as i picked up tank tops. it was probably ~25 degrees inside the warehouse and i was wearing a t-shirt, wool sweater, and a winter jacket. i picked up 5 items from around the store, stood beside a rack of sweat pants, and then put all of the items on the sweat pants rack and walked away.

when erica got there we walked around more. i felt irritated by everything she said, but tried not to convey my feelings externally. i attributed my feeling irritated to the temperature of the store. i bought 2 different nail polishes that cost $6 each and clara didn't buy anything. when we left the store clara said 'i can't believe they didn't notice i stole this sweater.' i also didn't notice she stole the sweater that she was wearing, so i just nodded and said 'yeah, me neither.'

tomorrow is halloween

i didn't know what to wear for a costume so i just bought a mask that resembles a cat

i don't know what i am going to do for 'halloween festivities'

i have class until 9:30pm

maybe i will go to class with my cat mask

no maybe not


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